Foundation problems are more than just an eyesore; they can actually put your home’s safety and value at risk. But you can rest assured our team of certified foundation repair experts is here to help. Backed by years of experience, we offer unparalleled expertise, superior installation methods and custom-designed products not available anywhere else in the region.

What Causes Foundation Problems?
Your home rests on a foundation, which rests on the ground beneath it. That means, your home’s foundation is only as stable as that ground. You might think that “solid” ground is just that— solid. But, the ground beneath your home is actually made up of many different layers of soil, each with its own properties, such as moisture content, density and material type. Over time, these layers can shrink, soften or wash out, causing your home’s foundation to settle. This can result in a leaky basement, bowing or cracking walls, sticking doors and windows, gapping floors and ceilings or even total basement wall collapse. This is why foundation repair is such an important issue and why it’s so important to find a foundation repair contractor you trust.

Foundation Problems Begin with Soil Stability
Changes in soil stability can happen for a variety of reasons. Weather events such as heavy rains can soften or wash away soils. Not only that, but the increased water content means that soil weighs more, putting more pressure on your foundation walls. Or, the fill soil your house was built on may not have been compressed properly when the developer created your subdivision. Trees and other vegetation can take moisture from the soil, leaving voids into which your foundation may settle. So you can see, there are a variety of reasons why foundations sink and crack. The key to repairing them is to connect them to the competent soil or bedrock that lies beneath. And that’s where we come in.

Foundation Repair Solutions
In order to repair a sinking foundation, it typically needs to be physically connected to competent soil or bedrock stable enough to support it. Pro-Seal offers a variety of foundation repair solutions that are tailored to the particular issues facing your home. This can involve driving steel piers deep into the soil underneath your home to connect it to stable bedrock. It can involve stabilizing a bowing basement wall by attaching large steel plates to the wall and screwing them into an anchor buried in the soil a dozen feet or more beyond. It can even involve using next- generation carbon-fiber technology to shore up basement walls to prevent them from failing in the first place. Whatever the issue, a Pro-Seal design specialist will work with you to provide the best possible solution at the best possible price.

We Provide Warranty-Backed Permanent Foundation Repair Solutions
Finding out your home has a foundation problem can be an overwhelming experience. After all, your home’s foundation is arguably its most important component. This is why it is so important to repair foundation issues as soon as they become evident. Not only do they affect other parts of the structure, but they also typically get worse over time. In other words, your foundation issues will never be cheaper to fix than they are today. And no matter what your foundation problem, we can develop a custom-designed solution to fix it — permanently.

Wall Straightening, Foundation Crack Repair and More
Foundation problems can show up in a variety of ways. They can appear as a cracked block basement wall, or maybe a poured concrete wall that’s tipping in from the top. They can also appear as sagging or bouncy floors as a crawl space settles beneath them. Even seemingly unrelated issues like a gapping ceiling or sticking windows or doors can be evidence of a settling foundation. And even if they haven’t begun to fail, your foundation walls could be in need of stabilization to prevent them from cracking and bowing in the future. In fact, if a neighbor has had a foundation repaired, it’s a good bet the same soil that caused that issue could cause problems for you. The point is, you’ll never know until you have an expert inspect your home and find out.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection. We’ll provide a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation, and before we leave, you’ll know exactly what caused the problem, exactly how we can fix it permanently and exactly how much it will cost.