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Pro Seal Solutions provides best in class, health conscience, environmental, economic and energy efficient products and services to the health care, agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and construction industry as it relates to solutions regarding the building envelope and structure stabilization. A building envelope is the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer. We provide solutions such as traditional and non-traditional insulation, geo foam, foundation repair, water proofing and coatings (air, water, vapor, concrete and structural) to ensure a long-term sustainable solution for our customers.

When compared to traditional insulation solutions, such as batting and blown products, non-traditional insulation such as open and closed cell foams, can save consumers over 50% of their energy costs. Spray foam insulation exceeds the building envelope specification, surpassing energy saving standards and building requirements/codes for energy, R-value and fire protection. Open and closed cell foams (low and medium density foams) offered by Pro Seal Solutions, brings best in class protection regarding air, vapor, and thermal control elements as they relate to the building envelope. We are the areas only certified applicator of cold weather foam formulations that can be applied in temperatures below 10° F.

Foundation restoration and repair (block, concrete and stone), are the building blocks of the building envelope. Geo foam may be used for the purpose of “slab jacking” (concrete lifting) sidewalks, driveways, foundations and many other structures. Pro Seal Solutions geo foam has countless other applications such as soil stabilization, utilities and municipality infrastructure restoration, waterproofing foundations and water mitigation, stabilization of roads, drainages, culverts, and highway lifting.


We are Pro Seal Solutions, a local Siouxland company, providing Solutions to the construction, industrial, commercial, utility and private sectors in both new and existing construction. We provide Solutions for the challenges we all face regarding the “Building Envelope” in the construction industry.


Thermal, Energy, Polyurea (20+ year coating), Silicon and all Substrates. This includes Liquid Air, Thermal, Vapor, Water and Weather Barriers.
Meets all the Water Barrier and Energy Requirements on new construction.
Flat Work, Footing, Foundational and Structural
Structural Foam which provides an Air, Water and Vapor Barrier which keeps the ground from freezing thus eliminating the challenges with freeze and thaw.
Structural Wall Casting, Structural Wall Supports, Anchor Systems and Water Mitigation Grouts
Concrete Lifting of all types i.e. Roads, Bridges, Bins, Foundations, Sidewalks and other Structures
Grouts, Foams, Soil and Rock Lock
SWPP Compliance and Infrastructure Piping Stabilization
Flat or Low Slop Polyurethane, Polyurea and Silicone Roofing Systems
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Food Industries
Batting, Blown, Sound Barrier and Rigid Board
Foundational, Basement Wall, Crack Repair and Containment Centers


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Our goal is to bring a sense of comfort, piece of mind, and insurance to our clients all while providing least cost, best value, financial options to our customers.

The three primary categories of the building envelope are: Support, Control, and Finish.

The requirements of the support and control portion of the building envelope are the focal points of Pro Seal Solutions products and services to provide best in class installation to both new and existing structures and solutions to many issues surrounding the building envelope components. Following are some best in class advantages:

  • LEED’s certified building component
  • Industry leading R-values per inch application
  • Water blown application
  • Products approved and warranted for cold weather application
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • Approved low VOC
  • Approved low VOC
  • Energy Star approved
  • CHIPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) member
  • U.S. Green Building council member
  • FEMA approved
  • Green Guard approved for admissions

To learn more about the advanced products we offer, click on the following links from HMI, Icynene-Lapolla, Gaco, Resch Enterprises, Johns Manville.

Additionally, these solutions and certifications bring a myriad of advantages to the client, such as:

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Least cost
  • Best value
  • Speed of construction
  • Sustainable green certification
  • Reduced building or repair costs
  • Reduction in building labor
  • Ability to provide energy enhanced or environmentally superior builds
  • Building endurance and longevity

Pro Seal Solutions will provide these products and applications with industry leading services focused on delivering a superior, ease of business second to none. Inspired by the promotion of convenience and comfort to our clients in both the private and professional sectors.

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